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The Team

The Team

During the preparation, and after the festival is over, behind the curtains, sometimes visible at the cloak room and at entrance, we are blessed with an incredible team of helpers. Only with these friends and acquaintances tirelessly supporting us, are we able to offer the Trasnochando festival. We are eternally grateful.

It is highly likely that we, James and Frank, don't express this gratitude frequently enough, we take this opportunity to say honestly and unreservedly: thank you to all of you, who assist us so effectively in realizing our vision. We look forward to many more festivals in such excellent conditions.

James and Frank

Our common vision, is that diverse people, from all walks of life, can meet as equals and share wonderful tango moments together. We accord particular importance to the confluence of ideal dancing conditions. The magic, which traces its roots back to the most illustrous period in tango's history, the Edad de Oro, fascinated us at every turn, while visiting the established traditional milongas in Buenos Aires. This fascination brought us together, first as DJs, and then also as event organizers. Very quicly this led to highly rewarding collaboration in establishing milongas, which bring the magic of the Edad de Oro to Berlin.

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