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13 - 17 April 2017


During Trasnochando 2017, we are extremely honoured to present 2 highly talented and acclaimed dance couples from traditional argentine tango. As in 2016, when they first joined us together, they will enchant us with magical dance performances and fascinating workshops!

Stefanía Colina and Juan Martín Carrara

Stefanía Colina and Juan Martín Carrara have become regular performing maestros at Trasnochando. Oringially from Uruguay, both are exceptionally gifted, professional, well-known and well-loved tango dancers and teachers.

Stefanía Colina started her career as a ballet and contemporary dancer in the "Orlama" School at the age of 4. She graduated at 17, after 13 years of intense training and became a teacher at the school. During that time she had the opportunity to experience many dance styles that were taught as a complement to ballet, and this is how she met with both tango and Juan Martín, and from that day a passionate and life-changing story started for both of them.

Juan Martín Carrara started his dancing career when he was 13 years old as a ballet and contemporary dancer and an actor of musical comedy. At the age of 16 he entered into the National Academy of Dance of Uruguay and was selected for the "Young Ballet", touring all the theatres of the region with the "Young Ballet" from the famous Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. After a few years he met with tango and at the same time with Stefanía Colina, and fell in love with both.

Together they left all they had in Uruguay and moved almost immediately to Buenos Aires with nothing more than their intense desire to dance and teach tango. After a few years of working hard at improving their level and knowledge, they won the "Intercontinental Championship" in 2009. Since then, they have been teaching and dancing around the world. They perform regularly in the milongas of Buenos Aires with prestigious orchestras such as "Color Tango", "Los Reyes del Tango", "Orquestra Sans Souci" and "Orquestra Mariano Mores", and they have been very welcome guests in many prestigious festivals accross Europe in the last several years.

Their fame and uniqueness comes from their elegance, sensuality and musicality. They are also known for their successful and engaging teaching method, and we couldn't be happier that they have accepted our invitation to come and spread their positive energy at Trasnochando!

Workshop details are available in the festival programme.

Source: Stefanía Colina and Juan Martín Carrara on facebook.


Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio

Daniel and Cristina have been dancing together as dance partners since 2007. Prior to joining an Argentine tango dance company named ‘Complejo Tango’, they were holding performances in private dance shows across Argentina.

Subsequently they went on to participate in the "Metropolitano Tango" World Championship. They were very well prepared for this, having studied strenuously with several world-renowned Argentine tango maestros, such as Carlos Pérez and Rosa Forte, and Jorge Dispari, to name just a few. Their hard work paid off when they were subsequently crowned Champions in the ‘Tango salon’ and ‘Milonga’ categories.

In that very same year, reaching ever higher, they pursued their next endeavour, which was the Mundial de Baile de Tango held at the Obras stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, they emerged victorious at the World Championship, on 30th September 2008.

They also competed in and subsequently won the Japan Tango Championship, making them the first tango dance couple to have won four of the most prestigious tango competitions within a single year.

Workshop details are available in the festival programme.

See also: Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio on facebook


Pamela Roldán

On Saturday evening, Pamela Roldán will organize an Argentine Folklore event for us at Trasnochando! She is distinguished for her joy and grace in dancing as well as for her connection with the audience. As a teacher, she offers dynamic and entertaining workshops balancing theoretical with expressive content, working closely with students skills and possibilities and listening to each group's demands. Pamela has presented Argentine Folkloric Dances in Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ljubljana, Istanbul, London, Tampere and Helsinki.

Born in Argentina, she began her career at age six in Los Polvorines, province of Buenos Aires, in the Ballet del Sur folk group. She studied Argentine Folk Dances and Tango at Instituto Folklórico Argentino and at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (formerly IUNA) in Buenos Aires. She has also studied many different dance styles such as Latin, Arabian, Afro, Indian, contemporary and swing dance, among others. In addition, Pamela has studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. She worked as a social photographer and assisted in several film and event productions. She currently lives in Tampere, Finland, where she works as a fitness instructor, dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango and Folklore for Buenos Tangos Tampere and Luna Pampeana companies.

On Saturday, 15 April, Pamela will organize a Folklore introduction and peña for all Trasnochando participants!

See also: Pamela Roldán on facebook

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