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13 - 17 April 2017

Our DJs

At Trasnochando, once again we are humbled and delighted to present an international team of the best and most experienced tango DJs, who will bring back to life the Edad de Oro for 5 days and nights.

Daniel Rossi (Belgium)

Opening Milonga | Thursday 13 April (21:30 - 3:00) | Bebop

Aged 6, I started learning ballet dancing in my mother's dance school but then turned to more modern dance forms. Several years later, I left the world of classic dance, and after focusing for a while on urban dance forms such as break dance, hip-hop, smurf and free style, I discovered the Argentine Tango, 17 years ago today, and I consider it to be where all dances meet.

Eight years ago, I started DJing at events in my hometown of Brussels, and later also in Berlin, Lviv and Odessa. I remain a dancer at heart. When I DJ, I select the best and most intense music that I would want to dance myself: D'Arienzo, Pugliese, Troilo, Tanturi, Caló. Tango is the ultimate wild and passionate dance, and I want the musical choice at a milonga to reflect that, which is why the richness of the Edad de Oro is so fascinating to me.

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Jenni Valli (Finland)

Tango Café | Friday 14 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

In a way, I represent the one-person tango community of my hometown Huittinen in southern Finland. Since starting with tango around 10 years ago I've been an active member around in the Finnish tango scene as an organizer of milongas and many events.

Dj'ing started very innocently parallel to establishing a new milonga but it soon grew into a more serious activity and a great source of joy along with dancing itself. As a dj I'm traditional, giving special attention to the most central Golden Age orchestras and lively cortinas. I'm a frequent dj in milongas and festivals around Finland and have also enjoyed invitations to Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

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Francesco Cieschi (Italy)

Tango Ball | Friday 14 April (21:30 - 4:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

I prefer the term "musicalizador" over "DJ" since I don't mix music. Like every musicalizador, my main concern is to match tango dancers' needs, whether they need to warm up, to walk, to jump around, to rock, to cuddle, to relax, to chill or anything else :) Also like every musicalizador, I have a personal profile. Most of all I like lively, joyful and powerful music. My aim is to see people smiling, enjoying themselves and having a blast. I believe most of this kind of Tango music is to be found in the Edad de Oro.

Tango music needs to be danceable and interesting to dance. It sounds banal, so banal and so much taken for granted that sometimes it's also forgotten as concept. A set needs to have a structure and needs to fit together. At the same time music needs to vary during the night, so it never gets boring and never repeats itself.

I am an active musicalizador in Berlin, playing regularly at some of the main milongas of the city, as well as at international festivals and marathons. I also co-organize of two Berlin milongas, Max & Moritz and Loca.

See also: Francesco's facebook page


Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine)

Tango Café | Saturday 15 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

I don't believe it's possible not to play at least one Di Sarli in 4 hours. I love to watch people dancing to my favorite music and saying 'thank you for the music' with eye-contact afterwards, and I suffer from the usual Tango-DJ mental disorder of separating non-tango music into just two categories: suitable for cortinas, and everything else ;)

I enjoy being a tango DJ so much that I started to organize a special festival Tango Remolino where DJs are the main and only stars.

After my long experience as a Tango DJ, I pretty much know what tango to play at what moment, simply based on the smiles and reactions from the dancers. I use all the well known tangos from the Edad de Oro to fill the dance floor with energy and passion.

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Monica Șuteu (Romania)

Tango Ball | Saturday 15 April (21:30 - 4:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

I grew up in a musical family, where music was always present. I enjoyed an intensive musical education for many years, during which I first came into contact with tango. For quite a while, tango music accompanied me, before I started to learn to dance tango. Music continued to play a capital role even then. The richness and complexity of tango music, in particular that of the Edad de Oro, mesmerizes me, as a dancer as well as at the DJ controls.

The right tango music sends my directly to the dancefloor, where I surrender to the music. It fills me with emotion and joy, to notice on peoples' faces and in their dance that I can evoke the same spell with my selection.

I regularly play at the traditional Berlin milongas El Ocaso and Nochero soy, as well as at international festivals like Trasnochando, Tango Remolino DJ Festival and Tango Salon Festival Łódź.

See also: Monica on facebook


Gabriele Sabato (Italy)

Tango Café | Sunday 16 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

A milonga is a delicate mixture of dramatic, romantic, energetic and funny feelings. During my set I select appropriate orchestras from the Edad de Oro to create a flow of emotions during the milonga. Rhythm, lyrics, tempo and cortinas: everything matters in order to let people enjoy their time, and go home with a smile on their face.

I play for the dancers and the main goal for me is to let people dance every tanda and feel comfortable. Receiving a smile while people are dancing, or a hug after a tanda they enjoyed is the greatest gift I can have when I play.

Playing mostly Edad de Oro is, to me, an opportunity to present the artistic peak of tango, and let everyone, including myself, enjoy the music they know, and have learned to love over their dancing years.

When I came to Trasnochando the first time, I heard the music and I felt immediately at home. I am very glad to be part of the team this year!

See also: Gabriele on facebook


Daniela Schulz (Germany)

Tango Ball | Sunday 16 April (21:30 - 4:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

In order to feel music we need to listen carefully. The moods and stories we can discover in tango, seem endless. Spotting someone on or next to the dancefloor listening actively, therefore is probably the most beautiful moment while playing.

Watching the reactions of the dancers is inspiring, and fundamentally influences my choice of music.

As a DJ I started in Berlin, among a generation of young tango DJs who are currently blowing a new impulse into the scene. Until now, I have been playing in the city's various milongas, with their distinct audiences, including Berlin’s Embrace festival.

It will be the first time I play at Trasnochando and I am thankful for the opportunity to select the music for one night.

See also: Daniela on facebook


Ricardo Grünewald (Argentina)

Farewell Tango Café | Monday 17 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Nou Tango

Ricardo has been living and breathing tango for over twenty years. His passion for the tango, his musicality, his years of experience and detailed knowledge of his extensive collection make him an inspiring DJ.

He arranges his tandas in the moment, lost in the music, and with a keen instinct for the dancers and their mood. Ricardo is strongly attached to the traditional tango music and plays pieces of the Edad de Oro with little excursions to gems of the 30s and 50s. “The music is the single aspect that can turn the smallest milonga into an unforgettable experience. This can only be achieved with music that goes straight to the heart and feet of the dancers.”

Ricardo was born and raised in Buenos Aires and lives in Berlin. He djs at festivals and marathons across Europe and regularly at Café Dominguez in Berlin.

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