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Our Maestros

We are delighted and extremely honoured to present our Maestro-Team. Their ummatched professionalism will elevate all of us beyond reason. All details about classes appear in our programme.

Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio

We are very pleased to greet our superheroes, Cristina and Daniel once again! For many years, they have been among the most succesful couples. They travel all over the world, where their energetic, precise, interesting and educational work is highly sought. Cristina's warmhearted nature, coupled with Daniel's showmanship, make each meeting with them an unforgettable delight.

Stefanía Colina and Juan Martín Carrara

Stefanía Colina and Juan Martín Carrara have been with us since the very first edition of Trasnochando. And their help and feedback has measurably contributed to the success of Trasnochando! We are eternally grateful to both of them.

Stefania and Juan Martin belong to the new generation of Tango salon dancers. In a very short time, they have garnered a worldwide reputation for dancing success and informative teaching. We very much look forward to yet another festival with these wonderful stars!

Griselda Duarte and Nicolas di Rago

Griselda and Nicolas live and work mainly in Berlin. Without doubt, they are among the most expressive dancers present here. Their represent an unlimited source of knowledge with and around tango, due to their extended combined experience. Learning becomes easy in the presence of their clear and friendly teaching style.

Sophia Paul and Julio César Calderón

Sophia and Julio have been working together since 2017. They have become a well respected pillar of the Berlin tango scene. They teach regularly at one of Berlin's oldest tango schools, and also tour around Europe frequently.

They possess a friendly, yet detailed teaching style, and we are honoured to welcome them to the Trasnochando Maestro Team!

Silvana Anfossi and Felix Naschke

Silvana comes from Buenos Aires, where she is well known and loved. Through many years of hard work with several noteworthy tango dancers she has developed a unique elegance and a quality of movement. Everyone agrees, it as a dream to dance with her.

Felix learned to dance tango in Berlin, and has become one of our best and most desirable dancers. His solid foundations and clear teaching style are of undeniable benefit to all who attend his classes.

Recently, Silvana and Felix started dancing together, and they have already turned heads with their first few performances together. We are very pleased to welcome to our festival for the first time!

Ayelen Quiroga and Alejandro Hermida

Ayelen has been dancing in Buenos Aires since childhood. At 14 years old, she became Tete Rusconi's assistant. She's been teaching and dancing regularly throughout the world since 2008.

Alejandro is a well known dancer and milonga champion from Buenos Aires. He's been teaching in Berlin for many years, as one of this city's most popular teachers.

For more than 10 years Ayelen and Alejandro have occasionally worked together, transferring their extensive tango knowledge to their students. Both consider quality, as well as the pleasure of learning and dancing, to be fundamental principles of their teaching. We are delighted to welcome them to Trasnochando for the first time!

Belén Martínez and Niko Carambas

Belén Martínez and Niko Carambas have been working together as dancers, teachers and choreographers since 2012. They have worked in many prestigious tango shows. They desire above all else, to enrich tango culture. They are known in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, and in various other American locations for their elegance and creativity.

Maria Moreno

Maria will teach our Folklore Workshop. She has partnered as a teacher, as well as a dancer with the worlfamous Emilio Cornejo from Argentina.

Maria lives and teaches in Moscow, yet travels around the world. Her workshops are unique, and not tied to any particular dancing level. Her conscientious work, and her breathtaking performances contribute to her highy deserved reputation as an Argentine Folklore expert.

Our DJs

Daniel Rossi - Jungle DJ

Opening Milonga | Thursday, 18 April (21:30 - 3:00) | Bebop

Dependable, balanced, dancing fun.

Frank Seifart - El Antiguo

Tango Café | Friday, 19 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

The classics, exciting, no interruptions.

Gabriele Sabato - El Elegante

Tango Ball | Friday, 19 April (22:00 - 4:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

Allstyle, fresh energy, happy endings.

Jenni Valli - La Angelita

Tango Café | Saturday, 20 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

Lots of feeling, dynamic cortinas, many embraces.

Monica Șuteu - All that Class

Tango Ball | Saturday 20 April (22:00 - 4:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

Dramatic, perfect tandas, new emotions.

James Bates - The Extraterrestrial

Tango Ball | Sunday, 21 April (15:00 - 20:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

Very lively, good mix. A dancer's challenge.

Francesco Cieschi - Il Padrino

Tango Ball | Sunday, 21 April (21:30 - 3:00) | Tegeler Seeterrassen

Great mix, lively, and everyone is happy.

Ricardo Grünewald - El Popular

Farewell Milonga | Montag, 22 April (19:00 - 0:30) | Tangotanzenmachtschön

Expressive, good energy, little surprises.

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